Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrap Up : 2011

2011 wasn't a very good year for me.

I promised myself I would bring this blog up again, but I didn't manage to update it as much as I wanted to.

I finally got a job, and I was determined to stick with it to fix my life, but I lost that job in September. The next 2 months I tried to go for interviews in a different line, looking for one that will want a Japanese translator, but my major being Animation and Multimedia Design made it hard because most Japanese companies locally are construction/factories/accounting/banking jobs. I couldn't land jobs I was hoping for. Luckily, someone wanted to hire the team I was in with in my previous job to a new place, and this job starts January 3rd. I hope this one stays.

My home lost our very first furkid, Hazel our Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I couldn't clear all the debts I promised I would. I seem to have problems saving money. It's like every time I manage to save a sum, something breaks down and I need to fork out to repair it. Kinda like the scenario in Pixar's UP. =/

I didn't manage to make a proper doujin for Comic Fiesta nor cosplay as I wanted to.

I got hit by UTI twice. After managing to stay clean for slightly over a year.

Despite all these, 2011 has brought me a mountain of experience I didn't gain in 2010. I got to work with Japanese stars, even though only for 2 days. I learnt a lot more from my job, as short term as it was. I made a whole lot of new friends and got closer to those who were already friends. I became aware of a lot of my capabilities and my limits. I found new places within my town which I never knew before, and by my own discovery by just walking outside. I got to know myself a whole lot better, and I saw new doors open for me, and new goals setting up.

With this, I leave behind all the bad in 2011, and will be bringing all the good I've gained to 2012. May 2012 be a better year for me, and for all of you. Thank you Eric my beloved husband, my friends, my family and my fellow readers here for being there through the harsh journey through 2011. I hope to still have your support for 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 Wrap Up!

Yay finally some free time after some much needed RnR!!

Those who know me personally know I'm also part of the committee of Comic Fiesta. This year, we had the biggest (...well we say that every year LOL) CF ever, held on 17th and 18th December 2011 in KLCC Convention Centre. I know Day 1 was pretty bad and there's plenty of sources online elaborating that so I will skip that and just focus on what I did and where was I during CF.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eric can be cute too sometimes...

Ok it's been a while and I noticed my banner (and probably some old comics) are missing probably thanks to them being hosted at Will find time sometime next week to sort them all out. In the meantime, have a short comic. =D

Was gonna continue with other pet related comic first but I couldn't resist drawing this scenario.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Surprise from Hazel

Finally, a comic! It's been ages... I have some old ideas to draw out, but since I just did the memorial page, I'd like to start with the Hazel related ones.

I also have some questions I'd like to ask everyone regarding this blog and it's comics, so if anyone could spare a few minutes to answer them, you have my thanks and appreciation. Questions after the jump.

On with the comic strip! :

And now, the questions! (please click the text below):

Monday, July 25, 2011

Remembering Hazel

Sorry I took so long with this. A tribute to our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Hazel (lotsa pictures)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Clearing the Dust

I know, I've been away for much too long, and it's sad that all it took for me to come back was a slap in the face with some bad news. More on that later, first and foremost an update and explanation on what the hell was I doing for a year.

Last year the trigger that stopped me from updating for a while was I got hit with a case of vertigo (it makes you believe you're a spinning top all the time even though your legs are stationary) and at the same time the place I hosted images at -, went down and all my blog images with it for a few days, and that upsets the hell out of me. At this time I thought of getting my own domain and server, so that I'd never have to see my blog go down like that ever again. I hastily signed up and got a domain, but with absolutely no idea how to use it. I fiddled with it but I'm just not good with custom layouts.

Soon it was shoved to the back of my priority list as I'm running low on money and freelancing alone just doesn't cut it when you're married and have a house, car, bills etc. to pay. A talk from my husband prompted me to go out there and get a new job, which I did. That took some time to get used to and 6 months down the road I'm finally out of probation and managed to clear some amount of the house debts.

I finally gave up trying to attempt to build a domain without much knowledge and hired a friend to help build it, but he was quite busy so my project kinda took a backseat. Few more months passed and the domain expired. It was here I realised I jumped way too fast, I should've taken small steps and I missed this blog. I want to come back and I have some backlogged stories I want to draw. But being the procrastinator I was, I kept putting it off until today.

Today, my husband and I have to do the dark deed of putting our first furkid to sleep. Hazel, our Corgi, has been in and out of the vet for about a month with kidney failure. She's only 2 years and a few months old, so her getting kidney failure was a huge shock for us. It seems she was born with it, but we didn't notice her symptoms all this while because it just seemed like nothing was wrong. We thought her drinking a lot of water was normal for a hot country like Malaysia. She had to be hooked on drips every few days just to survive the last month, and few days ago even the drips weren't helping any more. Last night she was brought home for the last time, and in a few hours we will be bringing her around to say her goodbyes.

The main reason I came back here for now, is to make a beautiful memorial page for her, which I will get to tonight or tomorrow.

After that, I will be dedicating my time to this blog again with comics. If you're still here reading this, I apologize for my year of absence, and thank you for still being here and reading this. Thank you.