Monday, March 11, 2013

I is stupid DERP

I seem to have this issue when uploading this image to Blogger. It gets auto-resized a little. The actual width is 500px, and I've been tearing my hair off since last night trying to figure out what was wrong. Gave up eventually and left it alone since it's still legible. 

But yea I am sometimes this stupid. orz


  1. Haha, don't say that!
    I think the effects the nice music has on you will turn into hormonal effects on your baby as well. Even better! 2 in 1. =D

  2. AHahaha your website is Brilliant!! LOVE the comic strips and the sense of humor hehehe
    Lovely Blog :)
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
    Red Alice