Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pig meat

Last Sunday, my jimuis (the sisterhood since primary school days) were dropping by my place for CNY, so I thought I'd offer to cook lunch (yes Shana actually cooks, isn't that just mindboggling? This girl hasn't cooked anything before she got married! But got cook since got married lar so this isn't her first time in the kitchen XD) so off shopping for groceries I go with Eric and my advisor Aaron.

I'm SO SORRY Muslim lady cashier! Super blur case la me. (*A*)

For those who don't know, Muslims aren't allowed to handle pork in Malaysia.

So what did I do with the pork? I made Japanese curry rice! Ta-daa!!

Turned out better than I thought, considering this is the first time I made Japanese curry. Thick and a little sweet. I got the Jimui's Stamp of Approval. XD I still have a pack of roux left, when to make another batch?

Also last Sunday it was one of my jimui's birthday! Happy birthday Mei Sin! Hope you enjoyed the day =)

Birthday girl in the middle, and it's a no-brainer to guess which one's me.


  1. lol kesian cashier to. Where did you buy it BTW? Wangsa Maju?

  2. why do they even hire malays then... or sell pork for that matter.

  3. why is the place hiring malay with porks.. u bought at Carrefour or Tessco?


  4. @linkin > It was Cold Storage Midvalley

    @atticus and toki > Actually these places have a cashier at the halal counter where we're supposed to pay there, but the last 2 times I bought pork, the halal counter tells me to pay at the normal cashiers. Dunno why they wanna torture normal cashiers.

  5. Wow....seriously impressed by your comics...good artistry....coowl :)

  6. Hi Soo Kuan,

    This is Michelle from Nuffnang. I've sent you a mail and hope you could reply to it asap. =)

    If you didn't receive it, please drop me a mail at



  7. @Himmat > Thank you. =D

    @Michelle > Replied the mail to you. Will contact on Saturday morning as I saw the mail at 12am. ><

  8. hahahaha That must have been an awesome day for you. Send me the left overs =P

  9. The idea that a person can be hired and not expect to do part of their defined job because of a religious issue is very strange to me. If it was that much of an issue, why would they do that work? Would not pork be expected to be brought before a cashier? How can it be inconsiderate?

  10. i love SPICY japanese curry!

  11. @Anon, Feb 27th 6.14am >

    That's because there is a counter specifically meant for pork at the non-halal section, so the normal cashiers are not expecting to handle pork. But for some reason the non-halal cashiers just hand the meat back to me and ask me to pay at the normal cashiers. This happened to me twice in different malls. I thought the Muslim cashiers would be fine since the meat is packaged in wrap, but apparently they're not.

  12. Because we have no idea if the wrapping is free from the liquid of the pork. For muslims, Pork or pig in general is one of the two Najis Mughallazah, or Najis Berat, along with dogs.

    But honestly why have a non halal counter if you have to pay at normal counter? >.<

  13. gah, i miss a jap curry rice ><

    when ya cooking again?
    mi come 'stick-a-meal' :P

  14. HA HA HA!!! I was laughing like a horse!!! Is it really true???

  15. I lived in Indonesia and I still don't understand why muslims don't eat pork.. Really... Why?...
    We eat pork for our whole live and we turn out ok, right?
    Stupid Teachings!!

  16. Meh, some people don't eat animals that eat their own poo. Kinda pathetic, no?

  17. Because of cultural difference. While Indonesians have no problem of drinking alcohol or eating pork due to their secular upbringing. Malays grew up with some muslim teachings of not doing those things. While it's normal for the Indonesians, it forbidden for the malays(which includes those from Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.)

  18. did they really refuse to hold any kind of pork product?

    even here in Indonesia, Muslim Carrefour cashiers are still willing to hold it, hell butchers who are Muslims probably are the ones that are chopping and packing it too.

  19. Pork meat is as strange for muslims
    as dog meat is for westerners and worms for the majority of world cultures @_@

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