Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I wanna be the very best... at naming.

So there's only 2 things taking up my daily time recently... work and Pokemon. Now Pokemon is not a hard game, so why is this girl taking so long you wonder? Probably because of the fact that she is a girl, and currently a mentally 10 year old girl.

I'll take on the Elite Four for the first time and head off to Kanto tonight... hopefully...


  1. who's in your main team? i currently have wooper, electrode, jumpluff, sparkly gyrados, gastly, and cyndaquil. ive been trying to keep them from evolving, but im starting to get tired of losing >_<

  2. YES! Final Fantasy IX is the best FF ever.

    Cute artwork as always too. I usually don't give much thought into naming my Pokemon, so I just end up naming him/her something obscene.

  3. @Anon > Why don't you want them to evolve? Because you prefer the pre-evolution looks? Currently I've got Infernape, Miltank, Jolteon, Lapras, Mismagius, Lucario as main.

    @Diverse > Heh... the only bad name in my whole game is my Rival because he deserves it.

    You should've seen me trying to think of names for my Disgaea characters, that took even longer than naming Pokemon.

  4. *stares at the commas*

    ... are you reusing frames..? >D

  5. hahhahaahaah
    i just love your comics
    they are so funny
    u sure those are random encounters?
    cause they seem to hilarious to be true
    but seriously i love it

  6. @dekong > Guilty as charged ><

    @Anon 3.57pm > Yes the comics about myself are all based on stuff that happened to me.Some recent, some happened sometime ago, some edited a little to fit as a comic better. Guess life's more interesting when you're a little blur =D

  7. I'm currently playing soul silver on my 67th hour and I'm leveling everyone up in Victory road so I can beat the Elite Four. I have the same problem though. I have my main team and 5 others on the side that I'm leveling up just because they're so cute/good and I don't wanna let them go. :-)