Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pos Malaysia Trolls!

Aaaaaand the second comic of the week! =D

Those few wondering what I was ranting about 2 days ago about the Malaysian post... you'll know what happened now.

The situation is, I've been waiting for my NDS Pokemon Soul Silver game to arrive in mail (due this week). I've been camping my postbox around the time the postman delivers everyday since the past week.

I forgot the Pokemon game wasn't the only item due to arrive this week.

I don't know why they send two different guys (both slips have different signatures and postman number) at two different times for two packages that are very similar in size (too big la konon! The one I had to pick up was the lighter of the two!). If you noticed the first slip tells me I can collect the package on the same day he issued the notice, that means he didn't have the package on him. The second slip says I can only collect the package the day after, that means the second postman has my package on hand with him. RRRRAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEE!!!!!11111

The second package really was my Pokemon game. Went there early the next day to collect.

Outer box on top right, contents on bottom row. Chibi Lugia plush not part of the package. =D

Now excuse me while I turn into a 10 year old girl again.


  1. I love your art work so so so much.

    And yay on getting SoulSilver. I've been hopelessly addicted to HeartGold for over a week now. My pokemon aren't going to train themselves!

  2. Thanks Diverse!

    Yea I can't wait to give the Pokewalker a try! Btw seems HeartGold has better early game wild Pokemon. (Caterpie [HG] > Weedle [SS],Growlithe [HG] > Vulpix [SS])><

  3. Man I havn't played a Pokemon game since red and blue first came out (the original 2!) and so couldn't get the hang of the new ones now. Also i've had that happen to me a few times with the post and it made me so angry. Sucks how they do that. Another great comic too which made me laugh.

  4. HAHAHA!

    Pos Malaysia so awesome.

  5. Lol I still remember that back home they rilek rilek saja send my whole Comic House post order, which at the time was around 4 packages of 10 mangas. and the guy was just riding a bike sending them and a lot more letters

    KL wise... haih~
    I prefer using other methods

  6. haha
    nice comic, love it when the panel suddenly turns serious XD

    on the matter, POS Malaysia sux big time!
    atleast u got ur good in a good condition from the Post Office.
    one of the postman chuck my AvsD Duel Decks into my tiny postbox slit, damaging the box. luckily the cards inside wasn't

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  8. ops.. double post.
    delete em at ur will