Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Surprise from Hazel

Finally, a comic! It's been ages... I have some old ideas to draw out, but since I just did the memorial page, I'd like to start with the Hazel related ones.

I also have some questions I'd like to ask everyone regarding this blog and it's comics, so if anyone could spare a few minutes to answer them, you have my thanks and appreciation. Questions after the jump.

On with the comic strip! :

And now, the questions! (please click the text below):

1) Does anyone have a good image hosting site to recommend? I used to host these comics on but they have since gone down. Photobucket resizes my comics cause they're long, and so does directly uploading to Blogger. Btw I'm currently using for image hosting.

2) I can break each strip into a few pieces and upload as separate images to solve the auto resize problem, but will there be any differences in loading a few small images vs loading a huge one?

3) Would you guys prefer the comic to be after the jump (as in you have to click the "Read more..." to access the comic in another page, or is the current format where they're all loaded the moment you access this blog more preferable?

I really appreciate your input, so I hope you'll be able to help me out here. Thanks in advance!


  1. I'm current;y using imgur, but will the "no one views image within 6 months = delete" be an issue?

  2. Can't help you with 1 and 2 but I prefer the comic in the current format 8D

  3. I dun think a spoiler is needed to hide the comic strip. dun think that it will hog much bandwidth.
    I prefer this current layout.

  4. Same here, can't help you for the 2 first questions, but I prefer the current format.

    And, ... it's good to see you back !

  5. Welcome back and great comic as always! I'm not too keen about image hosting sites, as I use the one blogspot provides. As for your site suggestions, keep it the way it is! I really like the current way it's set up.

  6. Seems majority prefers the current layout. It'll stay that way then. ^^

    Thanks ramen delivery and Anon at 4:02AM... it's good to be back. =)

  7. 1. I think you can use imageshack or flickr. But yeah, imgur seems to be a good choice at the moment. I use it alot, too.

    2. Separate panels as separate images lets it load faster. Makes it a bit more troublesome to copy it also.

    3. This format is good!

  8. 1. Dun post much images online...

    2. Yes, they take a longer time to load. But in your case, ur format does serve its purpose, and I like it that way.

    3. I like it this way. <3

  9. smells like updog in here

  10. welcome back.. you really take a long break kiraneko btw.. i like this old format better and ur comic strip is not so big and slowing the browsing time so much.. for image hosting.. i haven't been using other than imageshack. maybe flickr would be good choice too...

  11. How about try on ; )

  12. hahaha my dog did that too ==