Monday, July 25, 2011

Remembering Hazel

Sorry I took so long with this. A tribute to our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Hazel (lotsa pictures)

Hazel, a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi is our first furkid. She was the only pet my husband and I had when we got married.

We got her at a pet event (which taught us a lesson, never get your dogs from these places, ever. Their sources are shady. We were naive... ) locally, and boy was she an ugly puppy.

"....oh dear"

But you know what they say, the ugly ducking...


into a...

beautiful swan! Hehe...

All fluffed out! 

She grew up so fast... not long later she was a year old...

...and then another year older. On her 2nd birthday she got homemade beef patties, but I don't have good pictures of her eating them. =(

"same car, same Eric, same dog" 

She had the sweetest smile.This is our favourite picture of her.

She had some odd sleeping positions..


...and the cats love her too!

She was also kind of an oddball. She was very cautious and a little jumpy, overly suspicious of many things.
 The first picture on this blog post was taken on her last day. That image was her taking a last look at her home before heading out. We brought her to have a long walk in a park she used to frequent...

"Adult Hazel, maximum fluff"

We brought her to the pet store she used to visit for grooming, and wherever else we could bring her. Lots of friends visited during her last week to say their goodbyes, and some we brought Hazel to them to say farewell.

The above picture is the last picture we took of her. It was evening, and she had a long day walking around (walking was also tough on her because all her legs had been used for inserting drips that whole month), so she took a light nap in Eric's arms. I did not take any more pictures after this as I don't want to keep any picture of her that depicts her going into the doc's room or her looking scared or sick.

She left in Eric's arms peacefully at 7.30pm.  

Although I was sad Hazel did not live past her early adulthood, she had an awesome puppyhood full of fun, treats and love. We are glad to have had her, and we miss her dearly.

I drew this a week after her departure. I hope she's having a lot of fun with no suffering over there.

We love you Hazel.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Hazel. My family's first dog, Lucy, also died young from kidney failure. But I am glad that Hazel was your pet. From your comics and this memorial its obvious how much you cared for her; she was a well loved and happy doggy. Thank you for being strong for Hazel, and for sharing your story.