Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 Wrap Up!

Yay finally some free time after some much needed RnR!!

Those who know me personally know I'm also part of the committee of Comic Fiesta. This year, we had the biggest (...well we say that every year LOL) CF ever, held on 17th and 18th December 2011 in KLCC Convention Centre. I know Day 1 was pretty bad and there's plenty of sources online elaborating that so I will skip that and just focus on what I did and where was I during CF.

This CF marked a lot of new and special things for me. One is I finally managed to get a new comic piece out! (though it was kinda rushed so... it could have been better)

Page 1 of "curiosity"
The cover of RAWR5

This is a short love story about a girl who stumbled upon a guy with weird behaviours while she was sitting on a park bench. I initially intended the following and actions to be more elaborate, but I was running short on time so the story ended up being shorter than I'd like it to be.

Published in a comic compilation Rolling Along With Rojaks 5 (RAWR5). Priced at RM15.

If you'd like to support our comic compilation, do visit RAWR's Facebook in the link above! They also have adorable felt hats and other goodies to sell!

MLP : FiM cutie mark badges
Also had my booth which I shared with my sis, selling hand sewn felt keychains and some My Little Pony badges. I don't have pictures of my sister's works, but they can be found here: Do contact her if you're interested in custom commissions!

The pony cutie mark badges were really well received, I'm surprised! Completely sold out! The printing color was off so I expected less enthusiasm from the buyers, but they were okay with it, and I'm thankful to them. Might consider reprinting them!

I also had one of my artworks featured in CF's first artbook: CHAM! XD My submission for CHAM can be seen here:

This year I also had the privilege of being the local guide for Shimokawa Mikuni-san and Ceui-san for their short time in Malaysia for CF2011. Through this task, I learnt a lot of things, and it was tiring, but a lot of fun. I do not have pictures to show as the manager does not like personal images posted by 3rd parties. =( They were really, really sweet girls. I hope they will drop by Malaysia again, and not for work but for fun so we can bring them to eat more awesome things! (they were very eager on trying local curry!) 

Also I'd like to thank Chris/Clow for offering to drive us around KL centre on Saturday. You were a lifesaver. Thank you so much!

All in all, CF2011 was the CF where I had the toughest job and also the most rewarding experience as a comm member since 2007. I really hope I get more chances to practice my Japanese language skills with more Japanese guests. いい勉強になりました!It also felt good to finally have more of my artworks out there after a long break.

Comic Fiesta, may you keep on going strong and get more awesome as each year go by!

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  1. Wow, luv ur artwork SK. Its so different from what u did 2 years ago. Lot of maturity, grace and depth of character there.

    Anyway, its all awesome... Keep up with ur good work!