Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrap Up : 2011

2011 wasn't a very good year for me.

I promised myself I would bring this blog up again, but I didn't manage to update it as much as I wanted to.

I finally got a job, and I was determined to stick with it to fix my life, but I lost that job in September. The next 2 months I tried to go for interviews in a different line, looking for one that will want a Japanese translator, but my major being Animation and Multimedia Design made it hard because most Japanese companies locally are construction/factories/accounting/banking jobs. I couldn't land jobs I was hoping for. Luckily, someone wanted to hire the team I was in with in my previous job to a new place, and this job starts January 3rd. I hope this one stays.

My home lost our very first furkid, Hazel our Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I couldn't clear all the debts I promised I would. I seem to have problems saving money. It's like every time I manage to save a sum, something breaks down and I need to fork out to repair it. Kinda like the scenario in Pixar's UP. =/

I didn't manage to make a proper doujin for Comic Fiesta nor cosplay as I wanted to.

I got hit by UTI twice. After managing to stay clean for slightly over a year.

Despite all these, 2011 has brought me a mountain of experience I didn't gain in 2010. I got to work with Japanese stars, even though only for 2 days. I learnt a lot more from my job, as short term as it was. I made a whole lot of new friends and got closer to those who were already friends. I became aware of a lot of my capabilities and my limits. I found new places within my town which I never knew before, and by my own discovery by just walking outside. I got to know myself a whole lot better, and I saw new doors open for me, and new goals setting up.

With this, I leave behind all the bad in 2011, and will be bringing all the good I've gained to 2012. May 2012 be a better year for me, and for all of you. Thank you Eric my beloved husband, my friends, my family and my fellow readers here for being there through the harsh journey through 2011. I hope to still have your support for 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Looking forward to the new year! Keep it up! (My reading material gets scarce quick. XD)

  2. Hope 2012 is treating you well!

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