Thursday, March 11, 2010

Escort Quest : Japanese High School Students Pt. 2

Sorry I couldn't update earlier, internet was on/off the last few days.

Day Two (kids from Osaka high school)

Quest giver : Evian (acquaintance from Japanese language class)
Quest details : To escort 4 Japanese high school kids around KL.
Quest conditions :
Japanese kids must not take any damage.
End the quest with no less than 4 kids.
All 4 kids must survive.
Time limit : 2.30pm - 5.30pm (seriously wtf why so rush one?!)
Party members : Evian, Aaron, Shana (me)
Quest route : KLCC > Sungei Wang > Pasar Seni (Central Market) > Dataran Merdeka canceled due to rain LOL> KLCC

Woot all boys this time! XD

If there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that we cannot leave KLCC at 3pm, go to the three mentioned places and return before 5.30pm. NO. EFFIN. WAY.

You should've seen the disappointed faces when we first arrived at Sg. Wang and told them all they had was 45 mins to shop. We were secretly hoping it would rain, and it did! You have no idea how happy we were that we can skip Dataran Merdeka because of the rain (the 4 boys included, they were happily shopping in Sg. Wang).

We returned to KLCC foodcourt for dinner, and thank goodness these guys have no fear of our water. They were willing to try local food (except durian, seems they were warned beforehand XD). We recommended them the chicken rice, 2 of the 4 guys bought to try and they liked it. The other 2, I saw them go to McDonalds (I was puzzled because they said they wanted to try food not found back in Japan? =/ ) so I thought they'd be fine ordering food by themselves, so I went to order my own food and went back to the table. They returned with...

...double patty Prosperity Burgers. These buggers are SPICY, HOT SPICY not the fragrant kind of spicy. Even I cant handle them. Black pepper + onions + meat + bread, that's all you get. No veggies to help neutralize the spicyness. The rest of us non-Japanese at the table can just imagine their faces when they take that first bite. Most Japanese can't handle even a little bit of spicyness. Later when they saw the other groups queued up at McD, one of our boys ran over with sweat on his brow and tears streaming (after eating about half of the burger) to warn the rest of his friends to never ever buy that burger before it's too late for them as well.

If my guy friends were this guy they'd probably let their other pals buy the burger and watch them suffer along. "Suffer together-gether" konon.

I felt bad not stopping them earlier when I saw them at McD's so I bought them Ais Kacang, Mango + Longan Snow, and a Lin Chee Kang. KLCC's food courts Ais Kacang tastes really artificial, the Japanese boys commented it tastes like medicine. The Mango + Longan Snow dessert, they loved it. The Lin Chee Kang however... they despised it LOL.

The feared Lin Chee Kang, dark waters of the unknown...

Lin Chee Kang is a drink made from sugar with a bit of sugar cane, snow fungus, dried longans, barley and gingko nuts (toppings vary depending on places). It tastes kind of bittersweet, like most Asian "tong sui". Each of them only took one spoonful, and I had to drink the rest. (>_>)

You know how normal Japanese are known to be the absolute honest-to-goodness people? Here is where I found out they can be just as Malaysian as us. Apparently in Japan (or maybe just the part they came from?) McD's don't have unlimited Coke refills. They were pretty ecstatic when we told them about it. They told me they only get one refill, and it's usually half a large. So, they decided to refill their 2 large cups, return to our seat, empty their bottles and fill them with Coke, send their other 2 friend to ask for another refill, and fill more of their bottles with Coke. I think they went for about 3 refills before I stopped them afraid that the waiter would be on to it. I heard their Senseis emptied their hotel room fridges to avoid them spending on alcohol (they could've just asked the hotel staff to remove just the alcohol, but for some reason they removed ALL), so they're stocking up for the night. I don't know what they're gonna do with all that coke though.

All in all we had a lot of fun with this group despite having less time to spend with them. They were much more talkative and dared to experiment compared to the girls from the day before. So in summary, when we ask these Japanese what they learnt about Malaysia, we were told :

2) Malaysia is full of pirated goods.
3) Malaysian food is not clean/interesting. (too bad we couldn't feed them Bakkutteh)
4) Malaysian stuff is very cheap. (our currency low compared to yen =( )

If the opportunity arises, it would be nice to do this again =). Hope their stomach didn't get upset over the prosperity burgers.


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