Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabric Paint Fail

Hey peeps, sorry for the lack of updates and comic entries last week, been busy until last weekend which was Games, Anime and Comic Convention (GACC) in MMU, Melaka. Might do a GACC entry later but first, to make it up for the lack of updates I'll be doing 2 comic entries this week! YAY! =D Let's start with the first:

This is when I was rushing my costume for GACC:

*table flipping is just an expression, the above table does not exist in my room in real life*

I took a photo of one of the red triangles instead. There were blue and red ones, all pretty much screwed up. I totally didn't factor in the cloth's ability to absorb liquid (even under masking tape).

What's worse, is the cloth looked the same front and back because the paint seeped through, so I sewed the piece inside out (not that it would matter,but it adds to my frustration).


  1. Only found your blog a few days ago and I love your comics and art style. Can't wait for more of them!

    Also just curious but what exactly did you make?

  2. Togekiss Gijinka version. I look horrid though =(

  3. Buat atas lantai, tapi fantoi meja. how does that happen? XD

  4. Teehee :)

    Funny stuff

  5. Well after trying to find out what a Togekiss is all I can guess is that it's a pokemon? Could be very wrong here of course haha. Doubt you could of looked horrid though.

  6. @linkin > fantoi is just an expression, the table exist or not doesn't matter XD

    @Anon 8:48am : Yea it's a pokemon. This one to be exact :

  7. same Anon as last 2 posts: That is about the only picture I could find that looked even remotely like the patterns you were painting in that comic.

    Found it quite funny you added the disclaimer about the table though (or perhaps it was there and I just didn't see it first off).

  8. actual table was harmed in the making of this...