Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Apple With Avatar

Before you read : MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

Ah Ferngully Dances With Wolves Pocahontas Avatar, so many different reactions to this movie from different people. I have friends who cried watching it, who critiqued every scientific fault, who was so dazzled by the glowy-ness, awed by the soundtrack, and some watched it more than twice. I think it's not that bad but not that great, as it is after all a cliche story, with cliche characters (including a tsundere heroine) but I do so love the soundtrack. But this movie also pisses me off at places, and one part made me want to flip a table and slap someone. It's not about the transmision from HQ going through that magnetic flux and not get interference, let alone went through that flux, it's not about the ridiculous spinning lizard (which I find amusing btw), it's not about the lack of variety of fauna.. it's this particular scene (with a dash of exaggeration):

So... Jake returns on a bigger flying mount, and she's all goody goody with him again? The loss of Hometree, Father, other Omaticaya did not matter anymore? I kinda expected more emotion at this part, like Neytiri would be torn because the guy she hates is the Chosen One, and she would be more angered and confused, and question Eywa "WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE HIM?!", etc... but I did not expect her to accept him without questions. Sure the Toruk Macto is a legend, but he's also at that moment Jake, the guy who broke her heart and let his kind destroy her home. Maybe they ran out of movie time and decided "Bah they'd get together again later anyway, let's cut off the emotional part because no one's gonna care if Neytiri's character has depth!"

So remember kids, as long as you get that epic limited edition mount, your girl will forgive you for your shiny new ride!

What happened to Jake's first Ikran anyway? Maybe he fed it to the Toruk to seal the bond...


  1. Yes the epic mount.Probably the only reason why I rewatch the damn movie for the 2nd time 2 weeks ago

  2. If I still remember this a little bit above average movie, our red "epic" mount flew away (was released) into freedom after the battle.

  3. holy puck

    that totally made mi LOL in meh office ><
    haha bimbo dig hot rides

    *gonna go get one too*

  4. I disagree with you. The fact that he became the Toruk Macto was the lacking proof that he didn't just allow his kind to destroy her tree and everything else as he had no choice.

    Of course, the fact that it was just an avatar and he wouldn't really die if he failed in capturing the Toruk aided him to build courage to do so. It was his advantage.

    She was angered before, when she discovered that he knew about everything, but AFTER that, she thought well, maybe even put herself in his place, and UNDERSTOOD him. She was right in the end, right? Btw, it's something a lot of people lack (take the other people position, in a general mean). And it's not something the movie must explicitly show.

  5. really funny comic
    and I agree with you