Monday, January 18, 2010

To Aru Otome no Yume (A Certain Maiden's Dream)

Otome la konon. XD

About this time last week (8th-10th January 2010) KL had it's first (?) chocolate fair in Midvalley. Once again our heroine (and the unfortunate husband) kena con.

Dreams crushed. Zetsubou shita!!!

Okay la the giant chocolate fountain is impossible. XD

I had the impression that the chocolate fair was going to be a slightly more "posh" event with lots of international chocolate makers, and I was really disappointed with the available products. The imported ones are mostly the same as those we can already find in supermarkets here. Not to say I'm against local chocolates, but I was hoping to taste chocolate not available in Malaysia by other means than this fair. A lot of booths don't even have samples for tasting.

The hall was not decorated, the whole event looks "cincai". They also only took one hall (wedding expo took the other and the outside stage area). Overall the size was really small.

Eric was questioning why does a fruit juice stall exist in a chocolate fair. I bought a cup of orange/starfruit juice from them btw, and it was really BAD. It was diluted and mixed with sugar water.

The event was free entry. If you'd ask me, I would rather pay a small fee and have better chocolates there than free entry with not much products.


  1. Ya me n theresa never felt so cheated D:
    the car exibition at the next hour was more interesting!

  2. Yalor a lot of CF ladies kena cheat XD

  3. Yar, I went with Nao and Philip. It was very anti climactic, and yes, as you said, very very cincai.