Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fresh Apple

If you think this is a blog about apples, apple recipes, apple pictures, cracking apples, crackers, apples and crackers, or how some loony girl is crackers for apples, you're not gonna find that here, so move along. =D

Hi there, this is Shana a.k.a Kiraneko in many other places on the web, this is my fresh new blog. What will I blog about? I guess random bits of everything I encounter in life : games, food, art, pets, life. I will no longer update my LiveJournal account, but will check there occasionally for friend's updates. For now this is a all-rounder blog, I might create an artblog later in life.

A little bit about me... I'm Malaysian, female, atheist, 25 going on 26, born December 19th. I love cats, board games, video games, tea, good food, happy movies, drawing, anime, comics (eastern and western), looking at pretty scenery, reading, and the color apple green. I'm happily married, a freelance artist and has a head full of stories I wanna create. I don't think I'm creative enough to be special, but I hope to believe my mentality is not normal.

I guess since it's still January, and this is a fresh blog and all, let's merasmikan this by posting my 2010 New Year resolutions! (which 90% will probably not be achieved)

1) Get a new tablet... Intuos 4 is looking really gorgeous... but damn the price tag!
2) A nice set of Copic markers (also the problem is money)
3) Print my own comic for CF2010 (which I said I would make since 2 years ago)
4) Draw more, update on DA and pixiv
5) Lose that spare tyre.
6) Cook more. (yes I can cook! albeit amateurish skillz)
7) See more of the world. (or go to Tokyo again)
8) Sucessfully cosplay something. (did not cosplay for 4 years)
9) Learn not to fail makeup.
10) Destroy my skin less.
11) Don't leave games unfinished... especialy RPGs
12) Complete those I left unfinished.

....and I think plenty more will surface later.


  1. oh? what kind of video games you play? PC games? got steam account?

  2. I actually don't do well with FPS so I really seldom play those Steam games(except when friends invite, I'm like free frag), I play mostly casual stuff, RPGs, puzzle. I play mostly on NDS, PSP and PS3.