Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Little Bastards Darling Furkids

Wish I had a better pic, we have not successfully gotten all 3 to look at the camera, ever. Best is 2 out of 3. But I like this picture. =D

I have some comics in store, but a few involves the little buggers parasiting the house so this will be a simple introductory post for the three furry kiddies we share our home with. We'll start with the order they came in to the house.

Breed : Pembroke Welsh Corgi
D.O.B : 13th April 2009
Gender : Female (spayed)
Characteristics :
- Is a bimbo. Large chest, sexy walk, cute butt, low intelligence (despite her breed supposedly is the 11th easiest dog to train >_>). Well I guess there will always be not-so-smart ones... she's one of them unfortunate doggie souls.
- Dojikko. She bumps her head often. I hope that's not why her intelligence stat is low (*A*)
- Loves human feet. They aromatic and tasty.
- Scared of EVERYTHING pointed in her direction (except human fingers and feet). She even runs from a picture book we were showing her.
- Shows an angry face when approached by other dogs, but is actually an act and she can not fight at all. Hopes to scare away other dogs (usually fails, so in the end Hazel will run)
- Doesn't like to be carried/hugged/belly-up.

We got her at the Midvalley Pets World event in 2009. Husband always wanted a dog, and we both love Corgis, so we caved. I LOVE her fluffy neck. Oh and that walk. Her sexy walk. XD She's toilet trained, but will still pee on the feet wiping cloth in front of our bathroom, so be careful when you visit us.

Breed : Yorkshire Terrier mix
D.O.B : 9th June 2009
Gender : Female (to be spayed)
Characteristics :
- Spunky. GAR. She challenges dogs larger than herself, jumps off places 5 times her height, approaches random strangers without suspicion... basically she's got balls. Balls made of steel.
- Loves the human face. If you're within attack range, expect some heavy dog tongue action.
- Possessive. If you're giving attention to any of the other pets, SHE WANTS SOME TOO. She'll wedge herself between you and the other pet. Even if the human isn't us. She just loves us humans.
- Excellent jumper. Even our bed is not safe.
- Is more intelligent than Hazel. She trolls Hazel pretty often, and Hazel falls for it. EVERY TIME.
- Even though she challenges Hazel and Shio, she's the lousiest in fights. But damn she's got high stamina. The cat usually gives up even though she's actually better at fighting.

Kuri is Japanese for chestnut. We wanted to keep a tradition for our dogs to be named after nuts, but "Chestnut/Chester" was too masculine. We adopted her from someone else as a friend for lonely Hazel. The first thing she did home was to try and boss Hazel around. She's currently a little on the plump side because Hazel for some reason wouldn't eat until Kuri does. But if it's treats/tasty rare occasion food then Hazel no give face la. 99.8% toilet trained.

Breed : Chapalang/Mongrel
D.O.B : ??? estimated May 2009
Gender : Female (to be spayed)
Characteristics :
- Likes affection. This is the first cat I have that loves to sit on our laps/chest. She demands attention on a daily basis.
- Chatty. She has a very large plethora of meows. Our personal favourite is "Nyap". Sounds like she's trying to bark. XD "You gonna get nyapped" is the house meme meaning the cat's gonna get'cha.
- Excellent climber. Not like climbing trees, I've seen her climb window grills like humans climb a ladder.
- Loves to go inside plastic bags and under blankets.
- Will attack unsuspecting human feet as they walk by.

Eric's a dog person, I'm a cat person. I really wanted a cat. I first met this cat downstairs at our condo. She's not afraid of humans, and seems like she was abandoned recently. She had a lot of wounds though, possibly from other neighborhood cats. At first we didn't intend to take her in, but we agreed that if we see her a second time we would, and we did. We wanted to name her after her color, Vanilla was one option but I knew I would be really emo when she dies later in life and I LOVE the vanilla flavour so I didn't want to make that connection. Oreo was too masculine. In the end Shio (which is Japanese for salt) was decided because well, "Salt" seems really wrong as a name. All future pet cats will now be named after spices.

And there you have it folks! Will get a comic up in a few days, work's kinda catching up.


  1. NEKO!!!
    lol, i'd like to visit your house one of these day, but I am still scared of dogs. That and I can;t touch them =.=

  2. I miss ur furkids so much!! Jz love them!